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The How To’s Of Weight Loss

You probably know this already, there’s no magic bullet to weight loss. That’s why every year, more diet books hit the shelves, and are frantically read by millions of people, desperate for answers. The U.S. weight loss market was estimated to be north of $72 billion.

We live in an environment surrounded by food, and our brains are constantly being prodded to eat. It’s essential to set up new patterns, so that things that usually trigger us to overeat, no longer have that power.

Signs and Symptoms of Insulin Resistance and Strategies to Reverse It

This is a sequel to my previous post talking about stubborn peri-menopausal and menopausal bulge, where I outline how the bulge can be attributed to hormones-not only sex hormones but insulin as well. Click here to view that post.   In this post we’ll take a deeper dive into how to identify insulin resistance and …

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Is Eating Organic Worth It?

So what’s the big deal about eating organic? When I was in elementary school, the kids that had asthma, or allergies, eczema, learning disabilities, a hard time handling their moods or behavior, or on the autistic spectrum were rare. Not anymore. Diseases like cancer, colitis, Crohn’s, were seen in adults, not children. Food allergies were …

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Hidden Reasons For High Blood Sugar-#4 Toxic Load

Are You Being Cheated? I have clients who are concerned about their rising A1C levels despite watching their diet, upping their exercise and taking medication. Their concern is legitimate because unchecked diabetes increases the chance of having painful neuropathies, kidney failure, cataracts, amputations and blindness.  One major cause of elevated A1c and blood sugar is …

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What Are Drug Muggers?

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs help millions of people with devastating diseases and chronic conditions. But in the process, these medications can also deplete the body’s natural stores of vitamins, minerals, and hormones—the very nutrients you need to keep energy levels high, fend off infections, and be healthy. Pharmacist Suzy Cohen calls these medications ‘Drug Muggers’ and …

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