Frequently Asked Questions for the 30 Day Transformational Cleanse

Q. Is this a Juice Cleanse? A.  No. This Reset Cleanse focuses on eliminating foods that are toxic to the body and disrupt hormones, and replacing them with boosting healing food. Instead of drinking juices, which are often high in sugar and low in fiber (and other essential nutrients), we’ll be eating real, living foods that help balance hormones, cleanse, and reset … Read more

Heal Your Body/Transform Your Life

Join me for 30 days to “Heal Your Body and Transform Your Life” This Transformative Detox/Cleanse is powerful on many levels.  It will help you discover the healing power that’s already within you.  This 30 day plan is responsible, sustainable, and it works!  It’s designed to empower you, not only during the 30 day cleanse, but … Read more

30 Day Detox to Reset Your Body and Brain-Starts January 2015

Join me, January 15, 2015 to begin a  Life Changing 30 DAY DETOX This Detox will wake up the healing power within you to help you eliminate: Bloating Weight gain Digestive issues Low energy Food addictions and cravings Skin eruptions and rashes Hormone imbalances Pain/migraines Type II Diabetes Even depression and anxiety This unique program, valued at over … Read more

Soccer, Stringed Bikinis, The Samba, The Amazon, Passion

When most people think of  Brazil,  images of soccer, scanty bikinis, passion, the samba,and the Amazon may be dancing in their heads. Food rarely springs to mind when I think of Brazil, but all that changed today and I decided to write about it. I walked into my 6:00 AM yoga class this morning to … Read more

Savory Lil Cocktail to Cleanse You Liver and Gallbladder

As you can see from my last two posts, I’m kind of in a detox mode and for good reason! Last Thursday was the beginning of a 30 Day Detox that I’m very fortunate to be leading for 16 very brave and dedicated people. Since it is a whole body detox, it includes steps for … Read more

Detox Package

This Detox Combo below is one of my favorites!   The combination of these products offer a wonderfully fully supported and safe detoxification of the liver and kidneys, soothes and heals the digestive system, and helps to gently with improve elimination.  The shakes taste great and are a plant based rice and pea protein, offering … Read more

30 Day Whole Body Detox

Join me on a life changing 30 Day Detox to Reset your Body and Your Brain.   Detox, Lose Weight, Glow, Have Energy and a Happy Brain.     There are 3 phases to this detox  and will take a total of 5 weeks which includes an introduction week. The three phases of the actual 30 day … Read more

30 Day Detox-Free Webinar to Reset Your Body and Brain

Join me for a Free Webinar on Tues, January 21st. Learn how a 30 day detox will reset your body and brain.  Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions In No Time Lose 5, 10, Or more Pounds – Without Feeling Deprived! Detox Your Body And Reverse Sugar Cravings Sleep Deeply And Have More Energy (That Lasts ALL Day) Feel … Read more

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