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Hello! I’m Cindy Dupuie

Orange County’s Functional Medicine Nutritionist

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Healing from the inside out is a process and partnership between patient and practitioner.  My clients are closely listened to with compassion as well as experience. All protocols are individually specific and based on a complete and thorough personal health history. My mission is to bring clarity and hope to all my clients.

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Counseling Services

Preconception and Prenatal Care


Nutritional Consulting for Specific Conditions




All Credit cards are accepted.  Although I do not take insurance for my services, testing and supplements are often covered by your Health Savings Account HSA and Flexible Spending Account FSA.

Counseling Services



Bloating, Reflux, IBS, Crohn’s,
Constipation, SIBO

Preconception and Prenatal

Fertility, Thyroid, Nutrient Status,
Digestion, Diet, Postpartum

mood and behaviors

Mood and Behaviors

ADD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety,
Bi-polar disorders, Addictions, Autism



Diabetes, PCOS, Hot Flashes, Sleep, Thyroid, Adrenals, Infertility, Postpartum Depression

My Services Help


I nurture and empower women of all ages as they make their way back to health and vitality.


Men need healing just as much as women, but most don’t seek it until they’ve had a major health event.



Nothing is more important than keeping our children healthy, happy, and safe.


Why Functional

Official Blog Updates

5 Blood Tests You Need Every Year

Has this ever happened to you? Your doctor tells you that all your blood work looks normal and to keep on doing what you’re doing. And you say to yourself, how can that be? I feel horrible. I can’t sleep.  I’ve gained weight. I have no energy. I have no sex drive and I’m supposed

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What Do You Believe?…

What you believe to be true and worthwhile frames how you move through life. It determines how you spend your time, money and energy. So with that in mind, let me ask you something. Do you believe that as we age, things like diabetes, high blood pressure, an enlarged prostate, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, cataracts,

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Frequently Asked Questions for the 30 Day Transformational Cleanse – copy

Q. Is this a Juice Cleanse? A.  No. This Reset Cleanse focuses on eliminating foods that are toxic to the body and disrupt hormones, and replacing them with boosting healing food. Instead of drinking juices, which are often high in sugar and low in fiber (and other essential nutrients), we’ll be eating real, living foods that help balance hormones, cleanse, and reset

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