Estrobolome-important new vocabulary word

We tend to think of our reproductive and digestive systems as being entirely separate and unrelated. After all, we go to completely different doctors when there’s something wrong with one or the other! But in reality, our bodies are made up of systems that are all interconnected. They do not operate independently of each other.There’s …

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The Benefits of Estrogen and the Demonization of HRT

Before I launch into today’s post, I’d like to give a shout-out to any males who are reading this. While what you’ll be reading doesn’t exactly pertain to you, I’m guessing that most of you either have a wife, daughter, female friend or family member who could benefit from this information. So I hope you’ll continue reading and maybe pass …

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Sign of Insulin Resistance

Physical signs and Lab Markers We’re continuing to talk about the first Sign Post of Aging—Grains and Sugars, and how they contribute to disease and accelerated aging.Insulin resistance is the underlying driver of heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s. It accelerates aging and makes any chronic condition, including cancer and hormone imbalances, worse. Grains and Sugars …

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