Of course, there are thousands of books that are amazing but the books I’ve listed here are the ones that I have found extraordinary in their content along with the way their authors communicate. The 11 books I’ve recommended span a broad age range as well as health issues. I’m hoping the 5 cookbooks I’ve included will assist you in learning how to cook and eat with flavor that will make your body, mouth, and brain happy! The word ‘Deprivation’ is just not allowed in my camp! And these all help with the learning curve that everyone encounters when trying to upgrade their food choices.

Dr. Jolene brilliantly outlines everything you need to know before you decide to take the pill: the risks and benefits and what to do to get your body back on track once you stop.

She also spells out what’s behind painful periods, missed periods, infertility and everything in between. She’s funny, super smart and not afraid to say it like it is.

Lara Briden eloquently maps out all things hormonal in the female body, from puberty to menopause.

She’s clear and direct with her information. Every woman needs this book. If you have a teenage girl, this would be the ‘must have’ handbook for her to navigate all the ins and outs of being in a woman’s body.

Anything by Dr. Mark Hyman is good but this book, is the bomb! Dr. Hyman has a way of explaining things that is easy to understand and follow. In this book, he explains exactly why we’re sick and fat and what to do about it and even how the government plays a huge role.

Another winner for Mark Hyman. A few years old, but still spells things out only in the way that Hyman can. He’s down to earth and has the ability to communicate complicated stuff in bite sized pieces. This is a great reference book and a must read on preventing and reversing disease. If I could, I would make this assigned reading for everyone that I care for.

Guilia does an amazing and fun job of explaining exactly how the gut works and how far reaching its health has on the rest of the body. If you want to understand all there is to know about this important yet kind of taboo organ and laugh while doing it, this your book.

This book is a must for any parent or parent-to-be. It’s a reasonable approach to vaccines and helps parents make informed decision. Vaccines are a tough subject and Dr. Thomas’s book helps remove the angst surrounding the bumpy terrain. It’s also a wonderful resource for understanding infant and child development.

Cookbooks to Help You Improve Your Game

Sara Forte cooks and speaks from her heart. This cookbook is full of beautiful recipes and personal anecdotes. Her husband’s photos are an additional feast for the eyes.

The Silver Palate is not exactly a “healthy” cookbook but it has always been a great resource for me. The recipes have just the right amount of  seasoning and fat which are an important backbone for any good dish. 

Kevin does a great job of sharing how he found his voice in the kitchen!  Note: While I love his recipes, there are a few things I’d change out:  Coconut aminos for the soy sauce soy sauce or at least make sure that any soy product is organic and use full fat instead of low fat animal products. I also prefer bison or grass-fed ground beef over ground turkey.

WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I EAT: Yep, Dr. Hyman gets in the line-up again. His recipes are delicious, easy, and varied. There’s nothing boring here!

PEGAN DIET: Isabel has created luscious recipes along with meal planning to help you bring good nourishing foods to your table.


REBEL TRIBE: Michael Roesslein does a fantastic job interviewing a wide variety of cutting -edge health professionals. He knows what to ask and how to summarize it succinctly. I highly recommend adding his webinars to your listening list.

DOCTOR’S FARMACY: Of course! You’re probably not surprised to see Mark Hyman in this lineup. His podcast is easy to digest and always full of good information from some of the top people in the health industry.

THE HEALTHY SKIN SHOW: Got skin issues? Jennifer Fugo is your go to girl. Her podcasts cover  eczema, psorisis, rosecea,-basically any skin issue. She’s clear, bright and empathetic. Her show is a must if you have any kind of skin issues.

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