Hormones imbalances are often undetected and untreated, leaving thousands of women and men too, wondering why they feel so tired, depressed, and a shadow of themselves.

Many of my clients find their way to me after seeing their physicians and have been told that their lab work says they’re fine and that it’s all in their head. They are dismissed and/or given a prescription for Xanax or Prozac. But my clients know there’s something wrong and it’s not in their heads.

Cortisol, thyroid, sex hormones, and insulin are intrinsically connected to each other, to brain function, moods, energy, weight, fertility, and overall health and well-being.

All hormones need to be thoroughly assessed and brought up to optimal levels to prevent disease and markedly improve quality of life.

I work closely with you and a physician to make sure that you get what you need in order to feel on top of your game again.

I empower my clients to get the help they need and to heal from the inside out.

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