Should I Vaccinate My Child? Which Ones and When?

Lately, I’ve had many moms-to-be and even dads-to-be ask me what they should do about vaccinating their children: what’s safe, what’s necessary, and what isn’t. My answer is the book, The Vaccine Friendly Plan, by pediatrician, Dr. Paul Thomas, MD. Dr. Thomas is the father of 10 children, all of whom have been vaccinated. So, … Read more

Making a difference for those on the Autistic Spectrum

There are multiple etiologies for autism.  It is important to cast a wide net to discover as many areas of abnormality as possible to determine which treatments are best. The three Ps of Autism: Predisposing factors – genetic, nutritional, environmental, etc. Precipitating factors – vaccines, illness, etc. Propagating factors – oxidative stress, nutrient deficiencies, etc. … Read more

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