Favorite Kitchen Tools

Having the right kitchen equipment and tools is the difference between having fun in the kitchen and hatin it! Obviously, not everything you’ll need is listed here, but these are some of the extras that make cooking just a bit easier and a heck of a lot more fun.

Four pieces of kitchen equipment to speed up the prep and cooking time.

Loving my Air Fryer for some recipe makeovers including my Paleo fried chicken (recipe on blog). This Cuisinart is my pick because of the larger size and the stainless steel material it’s made of. No chemical coatings.

2 n 1 Instant pot and Air Fryer! Both methods of cooking will put a meal quickly on the table. Check out this combo to speed up putting meals on the table.

A Food Processor just makes life a whole lot easier. I can whip up my sweet potato quiche, make almond meal or grind oats into oat flour all in no time with my processor.

I have a Vitamix and I have a Ninja, and to be honest I like my Ninja better or at least just as much and the price is 1/4 less.

This next set of kitchen tools are small but mighty and pull their weight!

This sharpener is mighty, yet costs next to nothing and, in my humble opinion, needs to be in every kitchen. There’s nothing worse than working with a dull knife and now you have source for an easy,quick fix!

Every kitchen needs a quality lemon squeezer to either whip up a bit of fresh lemonade or to add a bit of lemon to a dish for freshness.

There is just something elegant about presenting a quiche cooked in a springform pan. And I love having the 3 sizes so I can make a half a paleo cheesecake when there’s only 2 of us hanging around.

I use my zester all the time for adding freshness to my salads, in particular, but all dishes in general. Trust me when I say that it’s a tool that needs to be in every kitchen. 

Part of Cooking is the proper storage of ingredients and leftovers.

Trying to use these to get away from one use baggies and plastic containers. Looking out for the environment and you by lowering the toxic load. BPA, found in most plastics are an endocrine disruptor for children as well as adults. These storage alternatives are BPA free.

(The silicon ‘baggies’ aka Stashers  and silicon covers are my newest happy finds!)

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