Orange County’s Functional Medicine Nutritionist
and founder of A Living Balance.

Serving the Orange County and Los Angeles areas and nationwide via Telehealth.


I’ve been around for a while and have learned how to get to the root cause and help you without breaking your bank!

I see the body as a whole entity that needs to be paid attention to in it’s entirety. And I don’t pussy foot around. We get to work to get you feeling better fast! And to reverse whatever ‘disease’ you’ve been diagnosed with.

Since 2008, we’ve helped 100’s of clients reach their desired weight, improve energy and vitality, reverse diabetes, improve cardiac health, balance hormones, improve digestion and skin.

I view each person  as an unique individual with similar yet specific needs.

The three main body systems I focus on and have found to be at the root cause of most chronic disease, are the digestive system, hormones, and detoxification systems. With attention to these, along with examining eating and lifestyle habits, we’re able to root out the source and cause of imbalances and get back to health and feeling good again!.

I’ve recently expanded my practice to focus more on metabolic health, diabetes, heart disease and reversing the aging process.

The services I provide are meant to be used in conjunction with the care you receive from your doctor.

I see clients at my Irvine office as well as remotely using Telehealth or phone.  I’m available for in-person lectures, workshops, and webinars.

A little bit about me: I had my own healing crisis in 2002.  It was precipitated by a divorce and contributed to adrenal fatigue and a very compromised digestive system, including leaky gut and SIBO.  After giving up hope of being helped by western medicine, I learned to heal myself using the Functional Medicine, root cause approach. My own health crisis enables me to better understand and help my clients.

I receive immense pleasure and satisfaction watching my clients heal and get better.

I hold a bachelor of science degree in Dietetics and Food Administration and was certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine in 2008 which means I’ve been in Functional Medicine for a long time! I live eat and breath it and have learned what parts are important to implement and what aspects, not so much.

I’m also a certified yoga instructor, passionate about creating and exposing others to yummy, nourishing food, blogger, lecturer, and a mother of two wonderful grown sons.

I look forward to being able to help you feel happy, healthy, vital, and on top of your game at any age.

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