Cashew Cream

This is the perfect little dairy free topper to put on fresh fruit, pie or a cobbler. 1 ½ cups Cashew (soaked for 3 hours) 1 cup water ½ cups pitted dates 1 tsp vanilla extract Process in blender until smooth-add more water if needed. And you’re done! It’s really that easy!

The Perfect Cheesecake for Mom and Breakfast!

April and May are celebratory months in our family with four birthdays and Mother’s Day. And of course, celebrations involve gatherings, eating and dessert! With five occasions to celebrate, the dessert thing can get out of hand pretty quickly. I decided to hunt down a cheesecake recipe that would satisfy a request for a graham …

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Paleo Legal Chocolate Ice Cream

I’d originally planned on posting a scrumptious paleo crab cake recipe, but with the heatwave continuing here in Southern Cali,  I didn’t think you were going to run into your kitchens to try it out.   Instead, I hope you will be inspired you to make ICE CREAM!  In my quest to have something cool and sweet, yet paleo legal and dairy …

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