Hidden Reasons For High Blood Sugar-#4 Toxic Load

Are You Being Cheated?

I have clients who are concerned about their rising A1C levels despite watching their diet, upping their exercise and taking medication.

Their concern is legitimate because unchecked diabetes increases the chance of having painful neuropathies, kidney failure, cataracts, amputations and blindness. 

One major cause of elevated A1c and blood sugar is a vitamin B6 deficiency which is required for the utilization and conversion of glucose into energy. A vitamin B6 deficiency can occur with low stomach acid, or low zinc status and even with a genetic predisposition.

This is where Environmental Toxins can play a role. Elevated levels of something called phthalates can interfere with zinc metabolism rendering it unavailable.  Phthalates are the chemicals used to make things smell good. They’re ubiquitous, found in air fresheners, soaps, make-up, perfume, candles-all your lotions and potions and women have higher levels than men.

Phthalates are also used to make plastics more durable and found in vinyl floors, car interiors and tubing.

A1c—->B-6 deficiency—–> Zinc Deficiency —–>Stored Phthalates 

One of the best ways to determine vitamin and mineral status is with a “functional” test, called an Organic Acid test. A comprehensive stool test is what I use to determine stomach acid levels and other digestive issues. A Phthalate test is used to determine toxic load. I use Genova labs for all three..

So this is what Functional Medicine looks like: Symptoms are often matched with labs and then a label aka a diagnosis gets placed on the sum of these. In this case, diabetes is the label. But Functional Medicine doesn’t stop there. Further investigation occurs, using additional blood work and the tests I’ve mentioned above. 

Rarely, if ever, have I heard about a doctor really investigating why someone’s A1c levels are elevated. Have you had a doctor really drill down to find out why? Let me know if you have. I’d like to meet them!

This is your life! If you’ve been diagnosed with type II diabetes, you need to know and understand all of the underlying causes that can continue to push numbers and your health in the wrong direction. Be sure and look at my previous posts for additional causes.


Cindy D

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