What is Environmental Medicine?

You may have never heard of environmental medicine. It is a fairly new area to be included as an underlying cause of chronic disease and one you’ll continue to see grow as more practitioners connect the dots.

Environmental medicine is about determining a person’s toxicity load, sources of the exposure, genetic predispositions to having a slower removal rate and then safely removing toxins to restore health.

When I have a client who’s not getting better on an individualized protocol that includes a non-inflammatory diet, changing lifestyle habits, healing the digestive system, addressing thyroid function I turn my attention to the very likelihood of a high toxic load.

The clients who seem to be most sensitive to a high toxic burden are those with autoimmune disease, children on the ASD spectrum, those with behavioral and learning disabilities, hypothyroidism that doesn’t get better with medication and couples experiencing infertility.

If you are experiencing any of these, environmental medicine is something that would be beneficial to explore.

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