It's Time To Own Your Health

Are you tired of not feeling heard by your doctor or feel like you’ve reached a dead end?

Are you frustrated that diet and exercise alone are NOT moving the scale or your health in the right direction?

Would you like to stay out of doctor’s offices, away from numerous medications, away from the chronic diseases that either take our lives early or put us in assisted living or a nursing home?

Then it might be time to get some really good blood work. It’s easy to do if you know how to ask.

And do it sooner than later. Don’t wait until you’re sick!

Thorough blood work, understanding what it means and how it relates to YOU can put you in control of your health trajectory. It puts you in the driver’s seat.

And the earlier the better! Find out what you need and why and how to get it.

Here are 3 easy ways to put YOU in the Driver’s Seat of your health destiny!

Option #1:  Companion Guide To Essential Blood Work. This Companion Guide is complete with a table for over 70 blood markers and is a great tool to add to your wellness toolbox!

This is a great entry point to becoming your own health advocate and it’s free.

Option #2: If you’d like to go a bit deeper, then this option might be a better choice for you.

This option includes a Lab Work Mini Course and The Companion Guide which takes you through the ins and outs of Essential Blood Work. Understanding the what, why and how’s…connecting the dots.  

It also includes a 20 minute call with me to help guide you to the blood work you need based on symptoms.

The cost for this trio is just  $25.

Option #3: Ready to be all in? This option offers all of the above PLUS an in-depth Lab work and Supplement Review Consultation with me at a $100 discount.

This consultation is a thorough evaluation of YOU- your current and past blood work, your current symptoms, health history, diet, supplements, and medications. 

You’ll come away with a comprehensive protocol outlining your next steps to maintaining vibrant health at any age.

What’s included in this option:

  • Companion Guide
  • Labwork Mini Course
  • 20 minute call
  • Comprehensive Consultation-1 hour
  • 6 part plan specifically tailored to YOU

All yours for the discounted price of $175

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From Patrice S.

Cindy is AMAZING! She certainly demonstrates her abilities as the health “detective” for optimum vitality and good health. Her knowledge of reading blood work results BEYOND current “guidelines” is a tool beyond measure to help ensure the body is living in peak health.

I think EVERYONE should use a Functional Medicine provider in conjunction with their allopathic practitioners.

I HIGHLY recommend Cindy Dupuie-A LIVING BALANCE to be your Functional Medicine provider.

From Judy R.

The Companion Guide and the Mini Course are great reference tools and I learned a lot from them!

I decided to take advantage of having a consultation with Cindy and she found a whole slew of blood markers that indicated that I was headed towards a heart attack or stroke very soon.

I’m very grateful to her for guiding me to what I needed to have tested and for the interventions she suggested.

Getting the tests done was actually much easier than I’d anticipated and so worth it!

I highly recommend working with Cindy D.

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