Is Your Waist Expanding?

Is your middle expanding? Have your arms and backside become a bit more padded and insulated? A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a piece on bile its role in preventing acid reflux, SIBO, IBS and improving estrogen metabolism, dominance, and possibly estrogen driven cancers. If you haven’t read it yet here’s the link. In … Read more

Nutrition and Fertility-they’re a match

First time I came across the term, sh**ty egg and sperm in reference to infertility, I have to admit, it raised my eyebrows. I hadn’t really thought about the actual health of an egg or sperm in terms of being able to conceive but of course, it totally makes sense. I had always thought about … Read more

The Lowdown on PCOS

PCOS can be a bit confusing. The name, polycystic ovarian syndrome indicates that this condition centers around having cysts on your ovaries but this is a misnomer.  PCOS is actually a bit of a subjective diagnosis based on a collection of symptoms.  Excess hair on face and body (hirsutism) Loss of head hair Acne-especially on … Read more

Eczema-Finding Hope

Understanding the causes of eczema is critical in discovering your path to healing. Eczema affects over 30 million Americans and has dramatically increased in the past 60 years. It affects 10-20% of US children and is characterized by itchy red areas which often blister and ooze. While eczema may not be life threatening, it can … Read more

A New Addition To The ALB Family!

I am truly beyond excited to introduce our new Preconception and Prenatal programs Mamas, Papas and Babies! This is something I’ve been working on for over two years and is an outgrowth of all I know and see around me. It comes from a place of wanting to cultivate an environment for baby to thrive in … Read more

Thyroid-A Key to Fertility

Hormones: Keys to Fertility and Conception Knowing your hormone status prior to trying to conceive, takes a lot of the guess work out of what’s going to happen  along your new journey. When trying to get pregnant, it’s helpful to know when you’re fertile and the quality of your egg which can both determined by … Read more

Preconception Planning: Why it Matters!

When you’re thinking about becoming pregnant, it’s of course important to prepare your body to help with conception, to create a clean and nurturing environment for baby to grow.  But it’s equally as important to get your body into tip-top shape prior to pregnancy in order to meet the challenges of being a new mom–physically, … Read more

Things That Make Us Crazy, Sick, and Fat! And it’s not Food!

  So you’re devoted to your sunrise salutations, eating organic, getting enough sleep, and getting in your twice weekly meditation/yoga practice. Or at least you’re incorporating  enough of these practices to rightly expect results and yet are still experiencing weight gain, unexplained infertility, chronic fatigue, anxiety/moodiness, poor memory and hot flashes. So what gives? Maybe … Read more

Armpit Detox

  If you’ve tried going with a more natural/non toxic deodorant and haven’t liked the worse than normal musky odor coming from your pits, don’t despair! There’s a simple solution. If you have been wearing antiperspirant for a while you might be in need of a pit detox before you can switch to a more … Read more

Ice Cream and Flu Shots! Tis The Season

It’s Flu SHOT Season Everywhere you turn, someone is offering you a flu shot. Rite Aid entices you with free ice cream in exchange for a flu shot. I’ve gotten at least three emails from Kaiser reminding me to get my flu shot. Go to the doctor for any reason and you’ll be offered the … Read more

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