Join A Living Balance (ALB) and start treating your:

Post COVID Syndrome Gut Issues Hormones-Thyroid Skin Diabetes HRT Menopause Perimenopause Anxiety/depression Exhaustion And More

We treat the root causes of illness, not just symptoms. We help our
 clients reverse chronic diseases and reduce reliance on prescription drugs.

Chronic disease and symptoms do not happen overnight and they usually don’t disappear with the snap of the fingers which is why we offer these plans.

ALB Fresh Start

Perfect for those wanting to dig a bit deeper and receive personalised guidance with digestion, hormones, diet, stress, autoimmunity, pain.


Most Popular

Complete Care

Our most popular plan is perfect for anyone looking to address ongoing symptoms. This plan gives us the opportunity to closely monitor your progress.



$155 due at enrollment (includes 1st month’s membership fee)

Supplement Review

Find out if the supplements you’re taking are the ones you need. 


Functional Blood Test Analysis

Blood tests come back normal, but you just don’t feel right?


Comprehensive Blood Test Analysis Report Only


FBCA + Consultation

Comprehensive Blood Test Analysis + Consultation


All plans include

My ALB Portal

Communicate securely and directly with me to get your answers quickly.

Schedule sessions easily to suit your schedule 24/7.

Your Health Plan

Your session notes and protocols always at your fingertips.

Export your data on demand.

Access from Anywhere

I work can work with you with online video visits, phone or in person at my Irvine office.

Exclusive Content

Wellness articles, meal plans and delicious recipes at your fingertips.

Supplements, Lab Work & Group Programs

All available at discounted prices with easy access.

Why choose A Living Balance (ALB)?

Today, 86% of disease is chronic and lifestyle driven. Unlike most doctors, we take the time to get to know you and create a plan that includes all of the aspects that are required to treat chronic diseases. We use a functional medicine approach, meaning we use nutrition, lifestyle change, and cutting-edge testing to help you cure and prevent disease while thriving in today’s fast paced world.

Can I use FSA, HSA, or insurance?

Yes, you can use FSA or HSA plans for your visits with us. We do not accept insurance.

Free 20 Min Intro Call

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