Emerald Salad

Try this wonderful dish from one of my yoga students, Sara. She also has a wonderful bog www.sproutedkitchen.com Enjoy your weekend!!! {photo from Sprouted Kitchen} EMERALD SALAD // Serves 41 lb. Broccolini1 lb. Broccoli1 Lemon, zest and juice-1 Large Leek3 tbsp. -Olive Oil1 tsp. -Black Pepper3 Cloves Garlic6 oz. (about 3 Cups) Fresh Spinach,roughly chopped3/4 Cup Flat … Read more


Answer:Food Allergies Most of the medical profession is in agreement that inflammation is the underlying cause of most chronic diseases-allergies, asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, sleepniness, psychological disorders, etc. But what causes this inflammation? Diet Food allergies Toxins-such as mercury and pesticides low grade chronic infections Stress Sedentary lifestyle Inadequate sleep-less than 7 hours Nutritional … Read more

Day 12

I hope you are all finding ways to get plenty of fresh organic vegetables and brown rice to go along with your detox shake. If you happen to eat out, consider ordering steamed vegetables and bring your shake along or if that is not apporpriate, then order some grilled chicken or fish. On Day 12, … Read more