August Special on Supplements

This month’s special is 25% off my starter kit which includes 5 supplements that I consider a base support that will benefit most everyone. These include a Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin D3-2000 iu, Probiotic, Omega 3 820, Vitamin C. The multi-vit is a one month supply. All the others here are at least a 60 day+ supply. The retail price for this package is $146. plus tax. This months special price is $109.50 plus tax.

Xymogen is a very high quality supplement line. These supplements have the GMP stamp, their minerals are Albion chelated, their B vitamins are in their most bio-available form for better absorption.

Some people argue that if we eat well, organic, grassfed, we should be able to get all of the nutrients that we need to be healthy. Well, maybe 75-100 years ago, that rang true. But since the late 1800’s over 80,000 new chemicals have been introduced into our environment causing a tremendous burden on our system. That’s a lot of chemicals for our liver to get rid of. We need to help support our bodies with some basic supplementation. Blood tests show that most people are at the less than optimal levels of the vitamins and minerals that are in this package.

Take advantage of this great offer! To order your basic supplement kit please e-mail me at [email protected]. I also carry many other supplements that support moods, good sleep, the digestive system, curtail anxiety, cravings, PMS, menopausal symptoms, blood sugar swings, etc. If you would like to know more call (949) 370-9843

I accept Mastercard and Visa.

Always check with your Doctor before taking any supplements to make sure that they will not interfere with any prescription medications.

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