Magnesium and Bone Health

Your bone health depends on magnesium. 🦴

🦴 And it’s not just about keeping our bones in shape; it’s the real MVP behind the scenes, supporting those bone-building cells, keeping inflammation at bay, keeping us calm, balancing hormones and about 500 other functions.

But here’s where it gets interesting: when we’re low on magnesium, it’s like our body slams the door on vitamin D and parathyroid hormone, both key players in bone health. Do you know how many of my clients initially come in with low Vit D? About 80%. Not good for so many reasons.

Now, the exciting part: studies are telling us that magnesium supplements are like a secret weapon for our bones. They crank up bone density, slow down bone breakdown, and supercharge the bone-building process. 

It’s like giving our bones a superhero makeover! 💥

It’s estimated that 80% of us are magnesium deficient. Magnesium is one of the first supplements I hand my clients. We just don’t get enough. The minimum amount to supplement with is 200 mg/day. Some folks need as much as 800 mg/day. 

So, don’t forget to give a little magnesium love to those hardworking bones of yours. They’ll thank you with strength and resilience! 💪

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