Answer:Food Allergies Most of the medical profession is in agreement that inflammation is the underlying cause of most chronic diseases-allergies, asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, sleepniness, psychological disorders, etc. But what causes this inflammation? Diet Food allergies Toxins-such as mercury and pesticides low grade chronic infections Stress Sedentary lifestyle Inadequate sleep-less than 7 hours Nutritional … Read more

A list of foods to choose to keep your body happy

What is a whole food?Whole foods are foods that are in the same form that they are found in nature. They are fresh, unprocessed, simple, and organic. You will see overlap of the some foods in different categories as whole foods usually supply more than one main nutrient.Foods that are not “real” or whole Any … Read more

The importance of detoxing the Liver

Good day to you all! Hopefully you are all beginning to get the hang of eating really good, healthy, non allergy causing, organic foods. And maybe some of you are already beginning to feel more energetic and better. This feeling will increase as you continue on the detox program. Starting Saturday you will begin to … Read more

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