What to expect while detoxing your liver

Over the next 10 days you will be drinking two different types of shakes, the Opticleanse GHI and Fitfood. The Opticleanse GHI has ingredients in it that will help to detoxify you liver, kidneys and digestive tract. Depending on how toxic any one of these organs are, especially the liver, it is not unusual to … Read more

The importance of detoxing the Liver

Good day to you all! Hopefully you are all beginning to get the hang of eating really good, healthy, non allergy causing, organic foods. And maybe some of you are already beginning to feel more energetic and better. This feeling will increase as you continue on the detox program. Starting Saturday you will begin to … Read more

Additional suggestions to enhance your detoxification

Additional support and preparation for Detox DietMeditating/breathing is highly recommended for 20 minutes a day during this time of detoxing. Breathing quiets things down and your lungs are also a big elimination organ. Journaling:It is important to put down your emotions that may come up while Detoxing. Detoxing your Liver may release stored anger or … Read more

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