Diabetes and NAFL Drinks!

This is what causes A FATTY LIVER and DIABETES!

And it would be very appropriate to label these drinks as such.

I’ve just been traveling and observing what people eat and drink on planes. (I can’t help it! We’re in pretty tight quarters, after all!)

Admittedly, many of them may be eating out of their normal routines (I know I eat differently when traveling), but it’s hard for me to ignore what I know is happening inside their bodies as they eat their airline fare of ciabani turkey sandwiches, cookies, chips and to top it off, with the worst offender, a 16 oz can of apple juice. And then they’ll sit for another 3 hours with nowhere for all the glucose from the bread, cookies, chips, and apple juice to go to but fat cells and the liver.

It’s difficult for me to remain quiet because I don’t think they have a clue of what they just did to their bodies and what they probably do to them a couple of times a day,regularly.

I want to say, ‘Excuse me, but do you realize where your blood sugar probably is right now and what you do to your body each time you eat and drink like this? The damage? The inflammation? The drugs you’ll be on soon if you aren’t already, and the slow or quick death you’ll experience in the not-so-distant future?’

You might as well have mainlined glucose, fructose, and insulin, which we should all know harms us. But the problem is, as a population, we don’t realize this or what it means until we’re so far down the disease road and are finally diagnosed with diabetes, a NAFL (Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver), or suffer from a heart attack or stroke.

Most folks are unaware of how this way of eating translates into heart disease, diabetes, a fatty liver, and extra pounds, which causes inflammation which is the driver of all diseases, including cancer. And this is all happening even if they are not eating an excess of calories, just the wrong foods.

So this is a bit of a rant for sure! I recognize that. And I thank you for listening.

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