Hidden Causes of High Blood Sugar-#5 Hidden Infections

I’ve worn a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) four different times over the past seven months so I have a pretty good idea of my average glucose baseline.

I eat well, exercise consistently and get adequate sleep. I don’t have the physical signs nor lab values to indicate I have blood sugar issues. Yet, I found I was on a bit of a roller coaster! Something I never would’ve suspected or known, if I had not worn a monitor.

Over the past six months, I’ve been making adjustments and my spikes and dips have gotten much better, but there were still a few more things I wanted to try, so I attached another monitor about six weeks ago to continue my hacking.

When I attached the monitor, I stopped in my tracks! My baseline glucose was 10-12 points higher than usual. The pattern was basically the same but 12 points higher across the board. 

So, WHY the shift? Could this happen to others and could whatever this is, be a driver of elevated A1c and glucose readings and not food? 

Looking back, I did have three things going on at the time that had not previously been in the picture. 

  1. I was experiencing a very inflammatory and painful bout of sciatica, to the point where I was taking pain medication a couple of times a day. Something I VERY RARELY do. 

  2. My digestion had been talking to me for a couple of months. I’d been trying to figure it out but had not yet gotten to the bottom of things.

  3. I was suddenly losing more hair than usual and my nails had become very thin and brittle

The first two items were causing inflammation. The third, indicated depletion of key nutrients needed to control blood sugar. 

I incorporated all the things I’d recommend to any client in the same situation and voila! I’m free of inflammation and my digestion is humming along nicely and hair and nails are coming back.

 I’m on day three wearing my latest CGM. My blood sugar baseline is back to normal, clearly demonstrating how inflammation and underlying infections affect blood sugar.

Below are hidden infections that can elevate glucose levels. They’re not to be ignored!

  • Viruses

  • Bacterial infections

  • H-Pylori

  • Digestive bugs

  • IBS

  • Food sensitivities

  • UTI’s

  • Yeast infection

  • Celiac disease

  • Chronic pain

This is the last email in my series of five on Hidden Reasons You Have High Blood Sugar. I hope they’ve been really helpful! If you’ve missed any of the prior emails or would like to go back and review them, please go to my BLOG.

YOU may not be having any issues right now and that’s wonderful! But there are many around you who do (it’s been estimated that about 88% of the American adult population have metabolic issues). If there’s an opening, please send them to my website to better understand what’s behind Type II Diabetes.

Cindy D

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