Hidden Causes of Diabetes #1-A Compromised Gut

A compromised gut can raise blood sugar and is overlooked by mainstream medicine as a causal factor of high glucose and A1c levels.

Our Digestive System has many important functions and if any one of them is not working, it can cause inflammation along with a whole host of other problems. And as you know by now, inflammation is a driver of all chronic disease including diabetes and heart disease.

Our gut houses trillions of bugs whose DNA outstrips our own, so their balance is kind of important. It’s where we obtain essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals required for blood sugar regulation. Our digestive system is also responsible for keeping our hormones in balance and removing toxins.

If it’s out of balance and not working properly, it will affect our nutrient status and inflammation levels, which again, affects insulin resistance and glucose levels EVEN if you’re eating perfectly, exercising reasonably, and getting adequate sleep.

PLEASE HEAR THIS! Many people have gut issues without any overt signs or symptoms. I’ve seen it many times in my practice. When we aren’t getting the results we’d expect with a first line healing protocol, I look a little deeper and test and often find a compromised gut running in the background.

The best way to determine hidden gut issues is with a comprehensive stool test, which measures your ability to break down and absorb nutrients, looks at the good and bad bugs you’re housing, degree/type of inflammation, and the possibility of a leaky gut.

Save this as a reminder to pay attention to your gut health…here’s 4 easy places you can start:

  • Eat organic when possible
  • Eat Whole Foods & ditch ultra-processed foods
  • Add a lot of color, especially greens and purples
  • Add a lot of diversity to your diet..avoid eating the same foods over and over!

One step at a time, we learn to heal our bodies.

Cindy D

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