Gut Testing for Balancing Hormones? Yep!

Do you have period or hormone problems?

And are you bloated, constipated, and/or experience diarrhea-aka IBS and SIBO? 👇🏼

The most common thing I see in my clients who have hormone imbalances and even hormone driven cancers are GUT ISSUES! Why? Well, the gut is where most of the estrogens we don’t need or want anymore are dumped and then pooped out. Sounds simple-yes?

BUT if we are constipated or have other digestive issues, there’s a good chance that the estrogen that’s processed or bound with bile in the liver, to be excreted, is being unbound and re-absorbed in the gut for a variety of reasons. And this form of estrogen is usually not the friendly form. It’s the kind that, if in excess, causes all sorts of hormone problems and imbalances including heavy periods, PMS, endometriosis, weight gain, and hormone driven cancer. (If you’d like to read more on this, click HERE to go to that blog post)

And while I do like to test serum hormone levels, I will most often recommend a functional stool test to figure out what else is going on and to better determine the steps we need to take. When it comes to hormones, a one-size approach does not work! And this is often a part of that picture. Everyone processes their hormones very differently. Just ask around:-)

So if you have hormonal symptoms such as…

✨Moody PMS


✨Painful or heavy periods



✨Mood Swings

✨Low libido

✨Tender Breasts

let’s take a good look at your gut and treat it. We’ll watch how much that alone alleviates your hormone issues.

It is amazing to see the progress my clients make with both their GI and hormones symptoms just from healing from the root cause- their digestion! LINK to schedule a call and get started!
BTW-you can have problems with your gut and not show any signs.

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