Vaccinated or Unvaccinated


In all honesty…I don’t have the answer for you…because there is no right or wrong answer here.

And I say this because over the past 18 months I personally…

  • Have lost someone to COVID
  • Have closely followed two people who should not have gotten really sick from COVID but did and their long journeys back.
  • Have seen and talked to people with Long Hauler’s Syndrome, which can be debilitating.
  • Have had and fully recovered from COVID.
  • Have watched many others completely recover from COVID.
  • Have known of two people who were fully vaccinated and have recently passed from COVID (both immunocompromised).
  • Know of individuals who have had debilitating lingering effects from the vaccine.
  • Know that the vaccines can cause blood clots and unfortunately, have caused deaths but nothing near what we’ve seen from COVID 19.
  • Know that the vaccine does lessen the severity of COVID 19 disease. Is it 95% effective? It doesn’t look like that number will hold up against the delta variant but it still looks like it’s 75-80% effective and that’s very hopeful! This will continue to evolve.
  • Have someone very dear to me on the front line, who is physically and emotionally exhausted going into this second spike. It is mainly the unvaccinated who are needing the most care. (we unfortunately are not getting figures of how many people who’ve had COVID (natural immunity) but not vaccinated are being affected. I’m guessing COVID severity is extremely low in this population).

And I know I’m not unique in my experience here. Many of you have experienced or observed these same things. There is no right or wrong answer.

So as the COVID landscape continues to evolve and change, instead of taking time from helping my clients to write about new studies and findings, which I think is super important, I’ve decided to list the doctors and researchers I’ve found to have informative, reasonable and practical approaches and their YouTube channels.

I hope they will help you as we continue to navigate these muddied and ever-evolving waters.

Dr. Suneel Dhand, MD

Dr. Keith Moran, MD

Dr. Elisa Song, MD (best for pediatrics) but all that she says can be applied to adults too. She’s really good about siting her resources.

Dr. John Campbell, MD

Dr. Zach Bush, MD (not too much material on COVID but on everything else we need to know and best of all, he gives hope)

Stay Well! Peace

Cindy D

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