How To Support Natural Detoxification

How to Support Natural Detoxification:

First, maybe we should talk about why this is so important.  Basically the shortened version is, toxins are an underlying cause of diabetes, hormone disorders, heart and thyroid disease, cancer, infertility, and mood and learning disorders. In other words, they play a BIG role in our health and quality of life.

The best way to reduce our toxic load is to avoid as many toxins as we can in the first place, by eating clean organic food, avoiding plastics and fragrances, and chemicals in our personal and cleaning products. And then making sure we support our detox organs so they can do their job because no matter how careful we are, we’re all going to be exposed to toxins. So that’s what we’re talking about today-ELIMINATION!

  • LIVER is the workhorse of our detoxification system. It requires specific nutrients to process toxins. That means consuming nutrient dense foods is super important to get as many nutrients as possible. Think cruciferous veggies (sulfur), veggies, and yes, even meat which contains  concentrated and available amino acids needed to neutralize toxins.
  • Lymph System: Think of our lymph fluid as the garbage collector and since there’s no pump for this system, the only way to keep it moving is through movement. So, jump, walk, swim, bike. Do something! Daily! This is non-negotiable. YOGA is my favorite way to get the lymph moving with a lot of squeezing and wringing out.
  • Kidneys carry waste away from the liver and require plenty of clean water to work well. Drink somewhere between 40-64 oz of filtered water daily.
  • Skin is our biggest detox organ and some toxins actually prefer the skin over other pathways. So if we don’t sweat, these unique toxins will have a hard time finding their way out.  Sweat often to use this pathway effectively. Hot yoga is my favorite way and all types of saunas are great, especially an infrared sauna.
  • Colon aka pooping is essential-gotta move it on out!  Most of the toxins the liver processes is dumped into our colon to be pooped out. If we aren’t going at least once a day, the system gets backed up and toxins are reabsorbed. Yuck! To keep this highway moving, we need to eat plenty of fiber, drink lots of water, consume adequate magnesium, and have plenty of moving bile. (if you’re not pooping daily, please reach out for help!)

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