It’s An Inside Job

It’s an inside job. It always is. There’s never a way around it. And this applies to everything in life, including the COVID-19.

How so? Well, we can reduce the spread of the virus by physically distancing ourselves from others, wearing masks, washing hands, and using gloves. All these minimize our exposure to the virus but there is more we can do and that’s exciting!

What matters and maybe even more than all of the things we can do to minimize exposure is to MAXIMIZE our immune system. We’re so used to pushing things away at the exterior level, avoidance, that we forget that the host (our body) has a huge say in how and if the virus takes hold.

Mainstream America, medicine and the media reverts back to how something is doing something TO us and we have to fight back. It’s the–US vs THEM– a mentality that does not serve us anywhere on this planet or in our lives.

Beyond our individual control, the virus continues to spread, albeit more slowly since I began writing this post but more than likely, we will all be exposed at some point in time.

Who are most at risk? Those over 65 with compromised immunity and younger adults who are overweight or obese (70%-40% of our population). Real hope lies in our ability to control our personal health and to build and maintain a strong immune system.

What moves the arrow up or down on the immune barometer?

Personal responsibility of our own health which takes a bit of time and effort: changing how we eat, what we drink, our stress level, body movement and sleep. Basically changing our lifestyle and dietary choices. So nothing new. Right?

If we know this, then why is it so hard to make these changes? That’s a whole nother post but basically to make these game changing shifts, we all need support and a guide(s) to help illuminate the right choices for us and how to integrate them.

Even with the help of professionals, it’s still up to us. It’s still an inside job, to shift our thoughts, to trust a new process and to believe that we can heal our bodies.

So what you can right do now?

Eat to boost your immune system: Food is Medicine!

  • Reduce your sugar intake-this is the number one factor that lowers your immunity rapidly.
  • Eat real, unprocessed food (preferably organic)
  • Get adequate amounts of protein-they are the building blocks for your immune defense system. (If you’re a vegan you may not be getting adequate amounts of essential amino acids nor zinc and may need to supplement)

If you have digestive issues, seek help (70% of immune system lies in your gut)! This is critical and so my lane-I can help!

Move your body daily and try to get outside.Lose weight: Excess weight is the #1 risk factor to this virus. (there may be an underlying cause that prevents weight loss like a thyroid issue or a heavy toxic load) Get help with this!

Manage stress and anxiety: High cortisol levels affect our body’s ability to be resilient. Meditate, walk, do yoga, and use specific supplements (tryptophan, GABA, Ashwaghanda, and/or L-theanine) to lower the stress response. (10% off from my online dispensary)

Get adequate sleep: If you have a hard time sleeping, seek help. There are often underlying factors that can be addressed to make sleep much easier.

So this is a shout out to all of you!

Please be kind and generous to yourselves during this time. You’ve got this! You really do! You all have the innate ability to heal. The right practitioner has the experience and tools to help you. And that’s where I come in. Click for either a 15 minute Complimentary Session to find out more or to book a Fresh Start Package at a 20% discount.

Together we can get your health and immune system ready for anything that comes its way now and in the future.

Nothing feels more empowering than that! 🙂

Cindy D

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