Treating Mood and Behavior Disorders without Medications: A Presentation



Treating Mood and Behavior Disorders Without Medications

Presented by Cindy Dupuie, CN, Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Prozac and Xanax are mainstream medicine’s most popular solutions to depression and anxiety today.  You do have other options.

Please join me Friday July 8th, 2016 from 1:00-3:00 pm for a life changing presentation.

This presentation will help connect the dots between hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and inflammation to  moods and behavior. You are not crazy! Your body is just talking to you very loudly!

What you will take away from this lecture:

  • The impact of Omega 3’s and B vitamins (Folate and B6) on brain chemistry.
  • The importance of hormones in relationship to anxiety and depression.
  • How a compromised digestive system and food allergies can affect behavior.
  • The role of genetics:  How to test and support genetic pre-dispositions.
  • How to support and balance the body for improvements in moods and behavior with food and supplements.
  • Therapists: Acquire new tools for your practice to help your client’s recovery, wellbeing, and overall health.

Updates to this presentation include information from Dr. Kelly Brogan’s  bestselling book,  A Mind of Your Own and Dr. William Walsh of the Walsh Institute.

Therapist: This information can make a difference for many of your clients. Please let them know about this presentation.

Presentation  is $30 with online pre-registration.  Registration at the door is $35.

In appreciation for your interest and attendance, you’ll receive a  $75 gift certificate towards a consultation with me.  This gift may be used for yourselves, clients, or friends.

The Presentation will be held at: The beautiful Blue Heron Portal Studio, 3337 Laguna Canyon Rd, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.  The beauty and calm of this space alone will bring you benefit!

Space is limited.   Please reserve your seat by making your purchase  below or RSVP via email.   If not registering online, an RSVP is highly recommended to [email protected]     

Early as Space is Limited.

I hope you’ll join me to find out about viable alternatives and hope.


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    1. Marisa, I’m looking forward to meeting you and am very excited you are interested in learning more on this topic. See you soon!

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