Help! I Can’t Lose Weight!

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There’s a term for the inability to lose weight.  It’s called Weight-Loss-Resistance (WLR). 

You know you have Weight-Loss-Resistance when your caloric intake is below 1400 calories, you’re working out hard and nothing’s happening or even worse you gain a few pounds.  It’s when the ‘calories in and calories out’ rule doesn’t apply to you.

It’s not because you’re lazy or have no will power.  Most of my clients who come in to see me with WLR have a tremendous amount of willpower and discipline.

There are real hidden reasons why you can’t lose weight.  When these reasons are identified and addressed, weight starts to disappear.

 Hidden Causes of Weight-Loss-Resistance

  1. Lack of Sleep (less than 7-8 hours)
  2. Low Fat Diets
  3. Chronic stress (physical and/or emotional)
  4. Impaired Detoxification
  5. Inadequate Thyroid Hormones
  6. Dysbiosis (overgrowth of gut yeast and bad bacteria)
  7. Over Exercise
  8. Food Intolerances
  9. PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  10. Neurotransmitter imbalance
  11. Genetics (yes, they play a role but they do not have to be our destiny)

If you have a combination of three or more of the above, you may be running into a wall trying to lose weight and feeling very frustrated.

Well meaning friends and family have carefully hinted about your weight and have ‘helpful’ suggestions about what you should be doing.  You may have experienced a doctor giving you that look of disbelief when you tell them that you’re only eating 1200-1400 calories and exercising like a banchee and not losing a pound! They kind of look at you like, ‘yeah right and you’re forgetting to tell me about the cake, cookies and chips that you must be eating late at night.’  It’s devastating and demeaning!

It’s important to identify which of the above contributes to your WLR and then implement the appropriate protocols listed below.

Protocols for Weight-Loss -Resistance

  1. Minimum 7 hours of sleep  (seek help if getting and/or staying asleep is difficult-it is so very important!)
  2. Yoga (sometimes a gentle, restorative yoga is what you need)
  3. Slow Down/Meditate at least 4 times a week (10 minutes a day)
  4. Add Bile Salts 
  5. Test for Adrenal Dysfunction
  6. Exercise lessYES you read this correctly! Especially less cardio (incorporate interval training thru yoga)
  7. Bentonite Clay to pull toxins and excess hormones out (1/2 tsp to 1 cup water) every day for 30 days
  8. Milk Thistle 300-500 mg/day
  9. Add Soluble fiber to pull toxins out (psylium husk, chia seeds, arabinogalactans found in Xymogen’s  medical food shakes)
  10. Have Your Hormones tested:
  • Thyroid including Free T4, Free T3, and reverse T3
  • Sex hormones (DHEA, Estradiol and Estrone, progesterone, testosterone)
  • Adrenals
  • Insulin Level-affects hunger and production of androgens (PCOS)

11. Eliminate Foods that are often irritants: Use to track your dietary percentage of Fats 40-50%/ Pro 25-30 %/Carbs 20-25%.  Monitor all sugars, including fruit.  Keep sugar  intake between 30-50 mg/day. Consume a minimum of 1200-1400 calories for women, depending on height and bone structure and activity level. Women over 5’6” will require more calories.

12. Lower insulin levels by eating more good fats and fewer carbs and definitely no gluten! Use the botanical Berberine 300-500 mg with meals to reduce insulin levels and insulin resistance. (studies have shown that Berberine is just as  effective in controlling blood sugar levels as Metformin)

13. Repair your digestive system.  Crowd the bad bugs out with probiotics and nutraceuticals that kill yeast overgrowth

Let me help you to prioritize where you need focus to start losing those stubborn pounds! Scheduling a free 15 minute consult with me using this easy link  Schedule Appointment

Another very helpful tool is Dr. Mark Hyman’s latest book,  Eat Fat, Get Thin. You’ll learn more about many of the things I’ve listed above and how to incorporate an eating plan that’s high in the right types of fat to help you lose resistant weight.  Purchase this great resource with this link  Eat Fat, Get Thin

You deserve to feel and look great!  Get Started Now!


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  1. vicki ronaldson

    ok, Cindy, this is totally me (wlr) and I am definitely coming for a sit down w you. great article w reminders of things you have suggested (bentonite clay). on it, thx!

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