Are You Toxic? Take This 10 Question Quiz


WARNING: There could be a “toxic cocktail” brewing inside of you as you read this!

How? You ask?

Think about it…

Most of us have had years of exposure to GMO’s, pesticide sprayed foods, processed sugar laden food and drinks, air and water pollution, chemicals in cosmetics, and more.

All of these ingredients have conspired together to create a toxic wasteland inside your body.  That’s why you probably don’t feel as energetic or healthy as you might like and probably have more aches and pains than you think you should.

Yes, I know it sounds bleak but I need to lay down the truth for you.

But I do have good news for you because this quick Body Toxin Assessment can instantly show you how toxic you really are…and how to reverse the damage.

For just a few moments of your time, you can get an “under the hood” at what’s going on inside your body and get an action plan to lose that holiday pounds and purge your body of toxic junk.

     1.   Are you overweight or obese?



  2.  Do you have hormonal imbalances or symptoms of such (difficulty losing weight, extreme fatigue, low sex drive, blood sugar/insulin problems, etc…)?



  3.  Over the past 10 years, has the majority of your food intake been from non-organic foods?



  4. Do you live in an urban area or big city?



  5. Have you taken antibiotics more than 4 times in your life?



  6.  Do you have eczema, acne, skin rashes?



  7. Are you constipated or have trouble passing normal and regular (at least 2 per day) bowel movements?



  8.  Do you have (or have you had) mercury/silver fillings?



  9. Do you use commercial household cleaners, cosmetics, hair dyes, or antiperspirants?



  10.  Do you eat processed or fast food more than once per week?



If you answered yes to 4 or more of these questions, you might benefit from a gentle, safe, 30 Day whole body detox.

Lose weight, feel energized again, sleep like a baby, get rid of cravings for just $97.

Join me for a 30 day detox that I will be hosting beginning January 15th.  Please click here to find out all the details and to Register.  Read more →

Register by December 12th for only $67 and save 30%!

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