30 Day Detox to Reset Your Body and Brain-Starts January 2015


Join me, January 15, 2015 to begin a 

Life Changing 30 DAY DETOX

This Detox will wake up the healing power within you to help you eliminate:

  1. Bloating
  2. Weight gain
  3. Digestive issues
  4. Low energy
  5. Food addictions and cravings
  6. Skin eruptions and rashes
  7. Hormone imbalances
  8. Pain/migraines
  9. Type II Diabetes
  10. Even depression and anxiety

This unique program, valued at over $1000, is being offered for $127. Here is what you’ll be getting!!!

  • An Opportunity to learn about your body, how it works and what it needs in order to serve you well ( $ priceless!!!)
  • Downloadable Notebook which includes: ( $50 value)

      A complete Eating plan and Menu for 30 days that will turn your body around

      Delicious gluten and dairy free recipes

      Self assessment quizzes

      Information about key body systems and how they relate to chronic disease: including hormones/adrenals, your digestion, and detoxification systems.

      How to use food as medicine to heal

      A guide to pick high quality supplements

      How to easily incorporate lifestyle changes that will support you personally

  • Five weekly Webinars to help you understand your body, mind and the emotions surrounding food, and help with your weekly food choices. A Q & A session each webinar  ($750 value)
  • One on one support (1 free private 50 minute consult with me-( $125 value))
  • Group/Community support with private Facebook account
  • 30% off a Colonic at Pure Body Spa in Costa Mesa
  • 20% off Supplement and shakes
  • Easy Access at anytime from anywhere to recorded webinars and private Facebook account.
  • Guarantee: I want you to feel happy with your investment.  If after following and completing this program you do not feel significantly different, you will receive a refund.  No questions asked.  

Want to have some fun?  Get your office or a group of friends on board? 

This is a great way to bring teamwork into the office and increased productivity. Create a healthier and more focused workforce with happier employees.

There’s additional option (Track II) being added to the program which includes 2 medical food shakes and a detox supplement. The medical food shakes will be used as meal replacements starting the 2nd week of the program, through the 3rd week. To find out more and to decide if  Track II might be a better option for you, please click here to  Read more

  For  a list of frequently asked questions about this 30 day RYBBD program Read more

What previous participants have said:

“Cindy really knows her stuff. I just finished, for the third time, her detox class (first webinar format–liked it). Each time, another piece becomes clearer thanks to her personal way of teaching. Lost 15lbs and a LOT of fat over 60 days, also started running again (20yrs since last time), made some necessary dietary changes. I’m wearing clothes that haven’t fit in years, feeling lighter and better by the day. I appreciate Cindy’s way of teaching nutrition very much!”  Vicki R

“There were so many firsts for me… This was the first time I could function off of my anti-depressant. The first time I’ve studied the effects of nutrition on my brain. The first time someone has listened to my particulars and had suggestions that actually worked. You are so fun and I enjoyed our class so much. Thank you for leading us.”  Shannon S

“I have been struggling with food allergies for years with stomach distension and cramping as a result, and have tried many different remedies with little to no result. Then I had the opportunity to participate in your Detox Program and for the first time in my life, experienced relief and healing of my stomach and intestinal tract. I would highly encourage anyone to take the opportunity to go through the program and heal their system and gain an incredible amount of knowledge in the process. Thank you Cindy for putting together such an in-depth educational program you made a huge difference in my life.”  Michael B

Track I Pricing

(Detox shakes and detox supplement are not included in this plan)

For One person $97

For Two persons $164

Track II pricing

( 2 Detox shakes and a detox supplement are included in this plan)

For One person$264

For two persons $498

 Any Additional supplements are not included in the above pricing.

  January 15th, 6:00 PM, PST is the start date and time of this Complete 30 Day DETOX Program

 If you are having a hard time deciding which track to choose: either using just food during the detox( Track I) or adding the Medical food shakes (Track II), register for the Tack I.  You can always purchase the shakes after our first webinar.

Detox Package

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