The importance of detoxing the Liver

Good day to you all!
Hopefully you are all beginning to get the hang of eating really good, healthy, non allergy causing, organic foods. And maybe some of you are already beginning to feel more energetic and better. This feeling will increase as you continue on the detox program. Starting Saturday you will begin to incoporate your shakes into your eating plan. The Opticleanse GHI is designed to detox your kidney, liver and gastrointestinal system all at the same time. Today I would like you to know a little bit about what is associated with a liver that is experiencing a toxic overload and how it affects your emotions, thyroid, and sex hormones.

Liver and Emotional Health

In many traditional medical systems, the health of the liver is considered directly related to emotional stability. The ancient Greeks treated emotional health by treating the Liver. The term “melancholy” comes from the Greek for “black bile”, indicating the sluggish nature of bile in the Liver. It is thought by eastern medicine that emotional instability, unreasonable anger, depression, hopelessness, and anxiety can all be related to a toxic Liver. Traditional Chinese Medicine prescribes sophisticated treatments for depression, anxiety and panic disorders that address various aspects of Liver imbalances.

Stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, must be processed by the Liver for neutralization or elimination. Sometimes these chemicals are stored in the Liver, when the amount released into the bloodstream is too much for the Liver to clear efficiently. This can contribute to emotional imbalances, such as depression and anger, as well as stress-related illnesses, such as cancer and heart disease.

The Liver and the Under-active Thyroid

Thyroid imbalances are commonplace, this can be troublesome as the Thyroid, a hormone producer, controls metabolism and thus affects every cell in your body and also influences your body’s ability to produce sex hormones.

The Liver regulates the Thyroid, by converting the hormone thyroxin (T4), into the more active form (T3). A compromised Liver can limit this conversion.

Thyroid imbalances can result in difficulty losing or gaining weight (sluggish metabolism), hair falling out, blood sugar swings, feeling cold, poor memory, lethargy , menstrual problems, water retention, headaches and trouble swallowing, low libido.

Despite the prevalence of Thyroid drug therapy, many patients with a sluggish Thyroid have had great success with detoxification. Since environmental chemicals have been reported to cause a reduction, of both T4 and T3, reducing the toxic load may allow the Thyroid function to improve significantly.

Bottom line, a happy liver makes you much more enjoyable to be around, and allows you to enjoy life more too.
Keep up the good work, everyone!

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