What to expect while detoxing your liver

Over the next 10 days you will be drinking two different types of shakes, the Opticleanse GHI and Fitfood. The Opticleanse GHI has ingredients in it that will help to detoxify you liver, kidneys and digestive tract. Depending on how toxic any one of these organs are, especially the liver, it is not unusual to experience any one of the following:

Coated Tongue
Foggy Brain
Weight Loss
Bad Breath
Feeling Cold
Body Aches
Night Sweats
Low Energy
You may not have any of these reactions!
So be nice to yourselves. Take Epsom salt baths, get a massage, take a long walk, journal, listen to calming beautiful music, meditate, read a good book, rest, get 8 hours of sleep, take a sauna, slow down a bit and smell the roses.

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