Should I Vaccinate My Child? Which Ones and When?

Lately, I’ve had many moms-to-be and even dads-to-be ask me what they should do about vaccinating their children: what’s safe, what’s necessary, and what isn’t.

My answer is the book, The Vaccine Friendly Plan, by pediatrician, Dr. Paul Thomas, MD.

Dr. Thomas is the father of 10 children, all of whom have been vaccinated. So, I guess you could say that he is “pro” vaccine. But what makes him different are two things…

One, he has developed and instituted a vaccine schedule into his practice which has prevented his patients from vaccine injury.

Two, Dr. Thomas is committed to fully informing the parents of his patients about the benefits, risks, and alternatives to vaccines.

This is known as an “informed consent” which is something that rarely happens. The pros and cons and alternatives are clearly outlined in his book to help parents make an informed decision regarding vaccinations

To get a feel of Dr. Thomas and his book, below is a link to an introduction.

I’m hoping that this will get passed on to those who are soon to be parents or already have babies and young children. It is an important piece of work, that can help keep millions of children safe and from being unintentionally harmed.…/The-Vaccine-Friendly-Plan-boo…

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