A New Addition To The ALB Family!

I am truly beyond excited to introduce our new Preconception and Prenatal programs

Mamas, Papas and Babies!

This is something I’ve been working on for over two years and is an outgrowth of all I know and see around me.

It comes from a place of wanting to cultivate an environment for baby to thrive in utero, lessening the likelihood of developing any one of the myriad of chronic diseases so prevalent in today’s children. Conditions such as allergies, eczema, learning disabilities, behavior and neurological disorders, autism, food allergies, and digestive issues and even cancer are affecting way too many of our children.

It is my dream and hope that by making sure mom and dad are in good nutritional status and house a toxic load, baby will be less likely to develop any of the above. By focusing on mom and dad from the very beginning, we can create an environment that supports the health of a child throughout his/her lifetime. This is my top priority and it brings me tremendous joy.

Preconception preparation, 3 to 12 months prior to pregnancy, is the time for both mom and dad to become more aware of their personal environments, and beginning to make adjustments. This includes what they eat, recognizing and excluding personal and household products that are harmful to themselves and future baby, improving digestion and moods and learning how to reduce stress levels (stress doesn’t contribute to wanting more sex nor making a good hormone soup necessary for easy conception).

It’s a time to make sure that thyroid hormones are at optimal levels as they affect fertility and can contribute to miscarriages, Down syndrome and postpartum depression. 

The Preconception period is a time to repair anything that is not working quite right and optimize the soil for baby to grow.

Functional Medicine is all about getting to the root cause. Creating a good seed and planting it into soil that is nutrient dense and low in toxins is going back to our roots and beginnings. It’s the biggest gift we can give our children and ourselves.

This can also be a time of exploration into genetics. Being aware of the genetics that baby will inherit can translate into a better understanding of your child’s vulnerabilities.

And a word of caution here: while genetics are important and I think, very useful, we must always remember that it’s our lifestyles and environments that pull the trigger on when, how and if our genes or genetics are expressed.

An interesting side benefit of investing in Preconception care is that we’re not only establishing a great foundation for baby, we’re also establishing a solid foundation for easy conception (lessening the need for IVF) and pregnancy.

Our Preconception care plans include package or ala carte sessions.

Our 21-day online group Preconception cleanse will launch July 2019. So keep a watchful eye out for that one!

To find out more about our programs and to get started, please click here.

For your beautiful free copy of  Six Essential Preconception Steps click here.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who might be considering becoming pregnant. It truly is a gift

Prenatal Care is designed to support mom as she travels through one of the most exciting times in her life! It’s also meant to support dad, but mom and baby are the stars here. 🙂

It starts in the 1st trimester of pregnancy and ends in the 4th trimester (1st three months of motherhood) for continued support of the new mom.

Making a baby is an inside job and I’m here along with many other  professionals, to be your advocate and support you in every way possible.

Our program includes parent counseling, resources for doulas and birthing classes, supplement recommendations to help you through morning sickness and pregnancy, guidance to prevent gestational diabetes and optimal ways of eating and moving to help baby grow strong.

We also offer conversations and resources to help you to feel comfortable about choosing to vaccinate or not vaccinate during pregnancy and baby’s first year of life.

To find out more about our Prenatal Program please click here.

Here’s to healthy and happy babies,children, and households.

With Joy,
Cindy D


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