Ice Cream and Flu Shots! Tis The Season

It’s Flu SHOT Season

Everywhere you turn, someone is offering you a flu shot.

Rite Aid entices you with free ice cream in exchange for a flu shot.

I’ve gotten at least three emails from Kaiser reminding me to get my flu shot.

Go to the doctor for any reason and you’ll be offered the flu shot.

I just read an email from Whole Life Challenge. While I usually like what they have to say, I was very disappointed, actually in truth, a bit fired up, to read that they were promoting flu shots instead of promoting things like:

  • Having adequate Vitamin D levels–ask your doctor to check your levels and supplement if they’re not at least at a level of 50 ng/dl supplement with additional Vit D.
  • Supplementing with Zinc and Vitamin C
  • Getting adequate sleep–that means a minimum of 7 hours nightly
  • Eating lots of wonderful organic fruits and vegetables
  • Washing hands with soap and water frequently and thoroughly (I do not recommend using wipes as they contain nasty chemicals that actually end up doing more harm than good)

So why am I not a fan of flu shots? (And by the way, I do not consider myself an anti-vaxxer).

  1. It is very rare that a healthy person cannot fight off a virus or run into serious complications from the flu. Flu shots were not originally recommended for everyone, only the elderly. The recommendation for babies, healthy individuals, and pregnant women has only come about fairly recently.
  2. Most flu vaccines contain four strains out of a possible 200 viral strains and are only about 20% effective. The odds that vaccines makers are going to get it right each year are slim.
  3. They are one of the few vaccines that still contain mercury which is a known neurotoxin, effecting the nervous system and brain.
  4. Giving flu shots to pregnant women makes absolutely no sense to me. It goes up against everything a pregnant woman is advised to do, which is to stay away from as many toxins as possible. Yet the CDC recommends that their doctor inject their patients intramuscularly with something that contains mercury which affects the body in a much more impactful way than if we were to consume it. At least when we eat it, it has a chance of being escorted out and is absorbed and circulated to a much lesser degree.
  5. According to the Department of Justice’s quarterly reports, which lists the compensations awarded for injuries and deaths due to vaccines from the Vaccine Court (yes this is a real and viable court), the flu shot is the most frequently listed vaccine to cause injury. Not surprisingly the majority are debilitating neurological injuries, including MS, Guillain–Barré Syndrome, CIDP and there’s more.

Many and maybe even most of us have been convinced that we humans do not have the ability to ward off infection and that a SHOT is needed to protect us. We actually do come equipped with an immune system that works pretty well to fight off most disease. We just need to support it by giving it a little TLC so it can do its job.

That support looks like: 7-8 hours of sleep, good clean food and water, vitamins D and C, zinc, a little less stress, and a little more joy. I don’t know about you but that sounds a whole lot better than being injected with a shot that includes four viruses, mercury, and other chemicals.

So what can you do for the best outcome if you feel that getting the flu shot is the right thing for you, or it’s required by work, or you need to have it because of a new grandbaby and it’s being required by baby’s parents?

  1. Load up on Vitamin C to bowel tolerance 5,000 mg-15,000 mg per day three days prior to vaccination and continue for one week after. Vitamin C is a precursor to glutathione which is your body’s/liver’s most potent detoxifying agent. This will help your liver to remove the mercury and anything else that needs to be dumped out.
  2. Second, DO NOT take TYLENOL anywhere around the day of the vaccine and for at least a few days after. Tylenol stops our liver’s production of glutathione which we need to render the vaccine less harmful. I’d actually like to recommend removing Tylenol from your house and person completely and using some other pain reliever.

If you’re curious to find out more about the Quarterly report issued by the DOJ click on this link. Notice the number of injuries listed caused by the flu vaccine. If you’re like the majority of people I know, you had no idea that this report or vaccine court existed.

I’m also guessing that many of you reading this are unaware of the act passed by congress in 1986 called the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) and VAARS and again, you’re not alone.

I invite you to click on the links to find out more. Knowledge empowers us to make decisions that are best for ourselves and our families.

I’d like to also to encourage all of us to support each other’s decisions regarding vaccines. I’ve found that talking about vaccines is more polarizing than politics or religion and there’s often zero tolerance on either side of the fence. It’s a heated topic as it’s mainly centered around our little ones. I’m hoping that will change.

I welcome your thoughts.

With much care…


Additional info added 10-28-2018: From Dr Osborne’s post:

1. Do flu shots work?

2. What’s in a flu shot?

The answer to #1 is simple. According to the CDC, the flu shot works about 47% of the time. Many would argue that it is impossible to prove whether or not a flu shot is effective for various reasons. Including the fact that it is impossible to predict the strain of influenza or it’s ability to change and overcome vaccination impact.

The answer to #2 is simple as well.

  1. Viruses
  2. Chicken egg (beware if you are allergic to them).
  3. Aluminum
  4. Thimersol (mercury)
  5. Formaldehyde
  6. Polysorbate
  7. Antibiotics (yes, you read that correctly -antibiotics)
  8. Pork gelatin

I am a fan of “First do no harm”. It makes since to me that injecting the body with potential allergens and poisons does not translate into health. Many are allergic to vaccine ingredients, and many are at risk for developing ASIA (Autoimmune Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants).

Yes, the flu shot can cause autoimmune disease. So my advice to you is simple. The best immune protection comes from your daily choices. Food, sleep, exercise, sunshine, and stress management. Do your part in these areas and your health will improve.

I invite you to view my presentation on vaccines here, so you understands the pros and cons, ins and outs.

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