Lost Your Mojo? Get It Back with These Spring Specials


If you’re experiencing any of the myriad of diseases and symptoms this poor guy is, you’re probably feeling blue too.

Maybe you’ve already been to your doctor seeking help, have been given a diagnosis but not much hope or instruction about how to turn things around. There’s a good chance that you’ve been given 1-2 medications and perhaps you’re feeling worse than you did before.

Doctors tend to be pretty good at naming the ‘WHAT’ (the diagnosis) but not asking the ‘WHY’.

Until the ‘WHY’ is asked, true healing can not begin.

True healing looks like this:

  • It doesn’t happen overnight. We usually see and feel changes within a few weeks, but true healing often takes 6-9 months. (Most of us didn’t get into our state of disease and pain in just a few months).
  • It requires making changes

It’s this last part that often stops people before they get started. The funny thing is, most changes are not as bad as people imagine. And no one said that all the changes had to be made at once!

Sometimes a person is just too darned tired and foggy brained to even think about doing much or making changes. So we start doing little things to improve energy and clearer thinking. It’s as simple as that.

Lisa’s a 46 year old woman. She came to me with a lot of muscle and joint pain, thinning hair and difficulty losing weight.
She was in enough pain and discomfort to make a few changes. This is what she did:

  • Yoga four times a week
  • Cutting out sugar, and starchy carbs.
  • Slowly cut out alcohol (not everyone needs to do this but she did)

After an 8 month period, this is what she reported:
“I’ve finally reached a point in time where I have become pain free. To tell you the truth I’m afraid to say it out loud as I feel I might jinx myself and the pain might come back. I’ve also lost 5 lbs. I continue to make adjustments and am thankful that for the first time is 5 years I’ve been pain free for 3 months.”

Lisa’s well on her way to full and vibrant health and getting her Mojo back.


For those who are truly interested in being healed from the root cause, from the ‘WHY’, and feel rejuvenated, I’ve made it easy with Three Spring Renewal Plans with significant savings!

 Choose Your Spring Renewal Plan:

Option 1: $125 initial consultation and follow up.   Save $100.00 
Option 2: $175 for 3 one-hour sessions with me.    Save $125.00 
Option 3: $380 for 8 weeks coaching and more.     Save $170.00

Includes: Initial Consultation, four 20-minute follow-ups, one shopping trip or two 30-minute follow-ups, and a final 30-minute consult.

You deserve to look and feel your best!  If you’re ready to lose weight, and/or learn how to use food as medicine, fix your digestion, skin, mood, fatigue, and hormonal problems then I hope you’ll take advantage of these offers.

I can’t wait to help you feel rejuvenated and full of renewed energy and life!

These specials are available for purchase just until Monday, April 18th, 2016 so don’t hesitate!  There’s no expiration date to use once they are purchased.  They can be redeemed anytime.

Give this wonderful gift to yourself, family members, or friends.  You may purchase as many as you’d like for gifts. Please forward this to anyone who you think might benefit.

If traveling to my Irvine office is not possible, that is not a problem.  Remember that all my services can be accessed remotely via phone or Skype.

Spring Time Packages

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