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Sign of Insulin Resistance

Physical signs and Lab Markers We’re continuing to talk about the first Sign Post of Aging—Grains and Sugars, and how they contribute to disease and accelerated aging.Insulin resistance is the underlying driver of heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s. It accelerates aging and makes any chronic condition, including cancer and hormone imbalances, worse. Grains and Sugars …

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The Skinny on Sugar Substitutes

THE SWEET STUFF One thing you probably don’t need to hear from me is that sugar is bad for you-right? It suppresses the immune system, disrupts hormones, fuels the growth of cancer cells, encourages fat storage and weight gain…so surely you don’t need much more convincing to limit the sweet stuff as much as possible. …

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The Hidden Signs of Becoming Pre-diabetic and Diabetic

How many of them do you have? Take the quiz and find out. Increased belly fat Lots of aches and pains High blood pressure Stubborn weight that just won’t come off Fatigue within 1-2 hours after eating Skin tags Low energy Depression Brain fog Tingling in the extremities Elevated estrogen in men (breasts or elevated …

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