Skinny Drinks

Skinny Drinks Rock!


   Skinny Drinks

     Non-Alcoholic beverages:

  • Quick lemonade: 6 oz filtered water, ice, 1-2 oz concentrated lemon juice, 1 lemon (washed) squeezed-drop the squeezed lemon into the glass.(the rind gives it a punch and adds some bitters which is very good for digestion). Last is adding stevia to match your sweet palate. A dime piece of fresh ginger adds a nice punch.
  • Cranberry juice drink: 1 oz. REAL, UNSWEETENED cranberry juice, 6 oz. filtered water, ice, squeeze of lemon and stevia to taste.

     Alcoholic beverages:

  • Skinny margarita: 1½ oz tequila and 2 oz lime juice, 1 fresh squeezed lime, and stevia to taste over the rocks or blended. You may want to add a bit (2 oz) of water or soda to dilute the lime juice. Note: the “skinny Margaritas at restaurants are still pretty high in sugar, so request the drink made as outlined above (no agave) and add your own stevia if desired.
  • Vodka soda: is a pretty clean-low sugar alcohol. Add soda water, lime and a bit of stevia and it turns into a vodka tonic (well-almost). You can also add a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice for a change of pace.

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