Keto or Low Carb for Kids? Yes or No

I love it when this happens!

I don’t have many little folks coming in to see me, mainly because they’re a unique subset, making their care nuanced. But sometimes my clients have questions about their kids and I’m always happy to offer any help and suggestions I can.

Last week, one of my sweetest clients was wondering about a keto or low carb diet for her two kids who range between the ages of 8 and 11. They’d put on a few extra pounds during the pandemic and wanted to move the needle in a different direction but were at a standstill and struggling.

Her kids have been ‘blessed’ with familial genes which can make them a little more insulin resistant than the average bear causing this subset of folks the ability to gain weight if they just look at a donut, well not quite, but they do not have the leeway many others may have.

I gave her the thumbs up to going with a low carb (but high veggie/plant) plan and suggested adding more physical movement and even weight resistance to increase muscle mass and insulin sensitivity.

And guess what? A week later this is the message I received from her.

The kids and I have been low carb for a week. They are very satisfied with the food and I see weight coming off. An added bonus that I wasn’t expecting….improved moods!!!  So much more first time obedience.  It makes sense because blood sugar isn’t going up and down. I’m so pleased. Just had to share.

Yay! So not only is weight coming off but moods have improved! And yes, mom is right in attributing this to more even blood sugar throughout the day.(eliminating the ‘Hangries’)

The other factor contributing to better moods has to do with gut bacteria. As we eat less carbs and sugars and more good fats and plants, our gut bacteria changes. The good food increases beneficial bacteria and crowds out the bad which affects serotonin and other neurotransmitter production.

A lower grain but high carb (veggies and some fruits) along with good fats is the ticket for healthy kids and actually for all of us. The tricky part is getting your kids on board with the program-right? Easier said than done if you have finicky kids.  (I’m also going to add, easier said than done if YOU think you’re depriving your kids). Fortunately, there are many recipes available to make your kids yummy tasting nutritious food so no one feels deprived.

Part of my client’s success was getting her kids involved in the preparation of meals. (Did I tell you what a smart mom and person she is?) And she shared these two kid friendly cookbooks with me. I’m passing them onto you in hopes they’ll help your kids want to eat in a way that sustains their health, moods, and weight.

Keeping our kids safe, healthy and happy!

My affiliate Amazon links to these great books are below.

Keto Kids

Growing Up Keto

Note: The one area I do like helping babies and kids, is with their eczema. It affects way too many, causing a lot of discomfort, itching and sleepless nights for both moms and kids. There’s relief and healing within reach, I promise! If you’d like to find out more please schedule a complimentary 15 minute call.

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