Preconception Planning: Why it Matters!

When you’re thinking about becoming pregnant, it’s of course important to prepare your body to help with conception, to create a clean and nurturing environment for baby to grow.  But it’s equally as important to get your body into tip-top shape prior to pregnancy in order to meet the challenges of being a new mom–physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The condition of your body before becoming pregnant has a huge influence on what happens after pregnancy, during the postpartum months. You’ll want to be able to bounce back as gracefully as possible from delivery and from your hormones being all over the place for nine months and for the next 6 months. No joke!

I’m going to get real here. Your generation has been exposed to more environmental toxins, medications, GMO foods, long-term use of birth control pills, vaccines and on-going levels of stress than any other generation before you. You are toxic! But this can be turned around.

Your hormones will become balanced, sperm count will increase, stress levels will be better managed, moods and energy will improve, digestion will get back on track, your skin will glow. All this by spending a little bit of time on you, planning and preparing.

The increase in baby allergies and eczema, neurological disorders, gastrointestinal problems, children with learning disabilities and behavior issues, falling on the autism spectrum and with cancer has been alarming over the last 20 years. Good preconception care gives you a chance to dodge these.

What you learn now will help you establish habits that better equips you to raise a child/family that’s healthy and disease-free.

Some people don’t want to take the recommended year to get ready, that’s okay, start wherever you’re at.  Nothing, I mean nothing, will prepare you and your baby better. The investment that you make now will make a huge difference in the ease of conception, pregnancy and how your child thrives.

For me Preconception readiness is a non-negotiable.

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