Yikes! I'm losing My hair!

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Many women come to me concerned about hair loss.  Their hairbrush is full of hair and it seems to happen over night.  For some, it’s coming out in clumps.

Hair is a women’s crowning glory.  It’s what makes us feel beautiful, so losing our manes is quite disconcerting and even devastating. Many try shampoos without much luck, which is not surprising as it’s not targeting the root cause (pun intended)!

Hair loss can hit right after pregnancy, due to hormone shifts, and then again around  ages 45 to 55.  So why does it happen?  What’s going on? There can be a variety of reasons and, as always, it’s important to find out the root cause to effectively treat.

The following are common causes or origins:

Hormone Imbalances:

Adrenal Dysfunction and Hypothyroidism

       PCOS-Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

Fatty Acid Insufficiency

Zinc deficiency

Heavy metal toxicity

I would say that the majority of women over 50 who are losing hair or have brittle hair are suffering from some type of adrenal and/or thyroid imbalance.   Taking a close look at adrenal health and thyroid function is crucial in keeping our hair and overall sense of well being. Thyroid deficiency is so common in woman reaching menopause that it’s been given the name, Thyroid-Pause :-).

The condition called PCOS or poly cystic ovarian syndrome can also cause hair loss along with symptoms of weight gain, insulin resistance (Diabetes) and a difficult menstrual cycle.

Fatty acid insufficiency which can result from insufficient good gut bacteria, or a clogged bile duct, or impaired liver function due to toxic overload can also cause hair loss. We need bile that is produced in the liver in order to breakdown our fats to be absorbed. If that’s not happening then our fats and fat soluble vitamins are not adequately absorbed and that’s a problem.  This can also contribute to dry skin and hair loss.

Suggested Steps to determine the Cause and Remedies:

1. Test for the root cause (there are tests available to evaluate all hormone issues as well as fatty acid and zinc status and heavy metal toxicity)
2. Determine the root cause based on clinical (symptoms) signs which are not as accurate as testing but can point us in the right direction.

Adrenal fatigue, support with daily doses of Vitamin C 2000-5000 mg, Pantothenic Acid (B5) Biotin 5-10 mg, and a high quality Zinc Glycinate or Acsorbate 18 mg + and mineral supplement.
• Hypothyroid, determine where the glitch originates in order to support production of thyroid hormone. Usually diet, adrenal support, sometimes liver support and a healthy digestive system, steps to reduced stress and more sleep turns things around nicely.
• Fatty acid deficiency,  increase Omega 3’s to 2000-3000mg /day and increase the production of bile with dandelion and burdock root tea, milk thistle and warm lemon water. (Clinical signs of fatty acid deficiency can mimic hypothyroidism)
• Heavy metal toxicity, a gentle detox and liver support is needed.

In all cases, remove gluten, lower stress, get enough sleep (7-8 hours), meditate, journal, walk, do more for yourselves and what you enjoy.

I hope this is helpful.  If you would like further help and support, I hope you will make an appointment to see me or another professional.


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