Morning Detox Cocktail-Food As Medicine

 Lemons have been known for their medicinal properties since ancient times. And this little 8 oz cocktail of warm water and a half a fresh lemon, first thing in the morning, will get your whole body moving in the right direction. 

 Lemons calm the stomach, suppresses nausea and heartburn, alkalizes our bodies, and helps to get bile moving which means better elimination. The warm water helps to hydrate and soothe. 

This simple little concoction will also help to prevent nasty gallstones and a stagnant liver. Why is that so important? Well the liver is our most powerful detoxification organ and if it gets clogged, our body’s ability to detox is compromised. 

All of this means improved moods and energy.

Pretty simple, yes? Food as Medicine….

IMPORTANT!!!   Lemon juice squeezed out of a bottle does not count!. Use only the real thing!!! 

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