30 Day Whole Body Detox

Join me on a life changing 30 Day Detox to Reset your Body and Your Brain.  
Detox, Lose Weight, Glow, Have Energy and a Happy Brain.

    There are 3 phases to this detox  and will take a total of 5 weeks which includes an introduction week. The three phases of the actual 30 day detox process consists of a Pre-Cleanse, the Actual Cleanse and a Re-entry phase.  During the 5 weeks, you will learn how your body works and how to support it to lose weight and be happy.  You will learn how to support a healthy digestive system, balance hormones to have energy, experience fabulous sleep, and have a brain that is calm and focused.

 This 5 week, life changing program, includes weekly support and education with webinars and a facebook page for discussions, a binder including, a workbook, self test for easy assessment of where your body needs the most support, easy healthy recipes, and an eating plan for the 4 weeks that will help you to lose weight, detox, and reset your metabolism.  All this and a tremendous amount of support as well.  
I am offering this course in a Webinar format so that people all over the world can benefit. It is very easily accessed from where ever you are and a recording of a session will be available for 2 weeks if you miss one.
This journey, starting Thursday, February 27th, will help you to understand why it is so important to heal key body systems in order to get your body working the way that it used to or the way you’d like it to work but maybe never has. You’ll learn why the standard formula of fewer calories in and more calories out, often does not equal weight loss and how to step up your metabolism.

 I have led this class for 5 years and I have seen so many people get their lives back again, which truly makes me very happy!
Webinar Class Particulars:
When: Thursdays 5:00-6:30 P.M. PST starting February 27th through March 27th.
Cost: $97 -this is a $100 discount off of the regular price.  I am offering this session at a discounted rate, this one time only in hopes that more people will be try out this new to the Webinar platform. Bring a friend (we always work better as a team) and receive $10 off.
  • Your payment reserves your spot which are limited so that you will be able to receive personal attention from me. Payment needs to be received by February 19th to get your notebooks to you in time for the first session. 
  • Visa and Mastercard are accepted, This class qualifies for HSA and FSA allowed spending.

(The Detox shake that is recommended but not mandatory and supplements that you may need are not included in this price) 

To enroll or for more information please call (949)370-9843 or contact [email protected]
 A personal note from me: This 5 week class is close to my heart because of the transformation and healing that anyone who comes will experience.  I am able to give a tremendous amount of support, information, guidance and tools inexpensively and I get to watch transformations occur that are amazing and uplifting.  I love supporting, teaching and watching participants understand their bodies and helping them to make lifestyle changes.  And because of the format, it allows a person to receive so much for a fraction of the cost of private consultations.  My clients pay me up to $750 to be guided through a program like this if they came to see me on a one on one basis.  I am very excited to finally be able to make it available to anyone, anywhere with this Webinar format 

Much of what is presented in this program is based on the book by Dr. Mark Hyman, The Ultramind but there is much, much more as well.

Experiences of previous clients/participants:
  • There were so many firsts for me during this class. This was the first time I could function off of my anti depressants, the first time I’ve studied the effects of nutrition on my brain, the first time someone has listened to my particulars and had suggestions that actually worked. You are so fun and I enjoyed our class so much. Thank you for leading us.” Shannon
  • I feel better than I have in years. I have lost the ugly belly fat….I feel happy-I can’t remember when I was just happy. My cholesterol drop 30 points. EH
  • You provided me with a space to try different things that I would never have done on my own. And I didn’t even realize how much I benefited from everything that I did and learned until some months down the road, after the class, when I began to feel sluggish and anxious again because I was no longer incorporating any of what I had learned. It works!! If was a gift to myself!
  • I had been struggling with food allergies for years with stomach distension and cramping as a result and have tried many different remedies with little to no result. Then I had the opportunity to participate in your Broken Brain Program and for the first time in my life experienced relief and healing of my stomach and intestinal track. I would highly encourage anyone to take the opportunity to go through the program and heal their system and gain an incredible amount of knowledge in the process. Thank you Cindy for putting together such an in-depth educational program you made a huge difference in my life. Michael Buskey Jan 2012

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