Importance of moving your body

I just wanted to remind you all that this is a detox of your whole body which includes, sweating to cleanse through your skin, getting your heart and lungs worked out to get blood and toxins moving through and out of your body more efficiently. So what that means is that you must be moving your body a minimum of 30 mintues a day at a pace that increases your heart rate.

Also, this is a time to be detoxing your mind. This would be an excellent time to experiment with no T.V. and cutting back on time spent on the computer (except to read this blog =) ) and trade that time to get more sleep, quiet time, time to spend reading, or on a hobby, time to move your body and time to just be outside enjoying these beautiful long days. You may be surprised how cutting back on one hour a day from the TV or computer allows for things that you thought you had no time for. So I would like to invite you, for the remainder of the detox-just 6 days, to turn off the TV or at least cut back significantly on the computer time too. I guarantee you that you will discover things about yourselves, and habits that you had not noticed before. 6 days, no TV. try it!

Remember to be kind to yourselves and give yourselves pats on the back everyday for taking care of your bodies.

Take Care All,

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