Feel better than you have in years!!
Have better Energy,Clarity,Digestion,Sleep,Weight Loss

Get all of this by joining us for a fabulous 14 day Detox program starting July 7th-July 21st

This program is carefully designed to fully support your body nutritionally while enhancing the detoxification ability of your liver, kidneys, and digestive tract. We use a specific eating plan along with a medical food to maximize your body’s ability to excrete toxins and waste. You will have online support through A Living Balance’s blog, “[email protected]” where there will be hints and instructions posted as well as support and conversation from fellow detoxers (is that a word?)

The cost of this 14 day program, including the medical food(which is a meal replacement for approximately $3.75 per meal) is:
$104.00 for a single person
$175.00 for a couple

For those who do not have 14 days but have 10 days, the cost is $65.00(basically due to less medical food). I do highly recommend the 14 day if at all possible for a longer period of time for your body to rest and be rejuvenated.

This program is presented by A Living Balance and Cindy Dupuie, www.alivingbalance.net
Please e-mail [email protected] or call (949) 370-9843 if you would like to join us on this fabulous venture!

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