Weight loss resistance

How to Build Resilience

  And BOTH are coming your way in October!  Our Group Visits program debuts October 19th! A combination of learning, community, being supported and having a plan. This is something you can’t and won’t get from your doctor’s office. It’s our first group program in this format and I’m super excited to see it come to fruition. Fall session will focus on diabetes and a few other conditions

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Help! I Can’t Lose Weight!

There’s a term for the inability to lose weight.  It’s called Weight-Loss-Resistance (WLR).  You know you have Weight-Loss-Resistance when your caloric intake is below 1400 calories, you’re working out hard and nothing’s happening or even worse you gain a few pounds.  It’s when the ‘calories in and calories out’ rule doesn’t apply to you. It’s not

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