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Functional Medicine Nutritionist Specializing in Digestive Disorders


What to expect:

I provide adjunct care for those who already have a primary care provider but desire holistic guidance to optimize their healthcare.

Healing from the root cause is a process and partnership between patient and practitioner.  Clients who come to me are closely listened to with compassion as well as experience. They are given much support along with a healing protocol that includes individualized lifestyle, dietary, and supplemental recommendations.  All protocols are individually specific and based on a complete and thorough personal health history and appropriate lab work.

We begin your healing process with an Initial Consultation. The main purpose of an initial consultation is to get to know you and to understand what you’d like to improve about your health. We’ll talk about your history, where you are right now, and what your goals are. My job is to listen and then together we build a solid plan to help you to achieve these goals.

Initial consultations take between 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours of face time with additional time to evaluate lab work and design a protocol specific to your needs.

I offer three different options for working with me: A La Carte (pay as you go), Package: appointments are bundled for savings, Annual Membership for $39/month.  All options require an initial consultation to begin.

We can decide together which option is best for you at your initial visit. Please schedule this below.




  • IBS, Colitis, Crohns, Food allergies, Constipation, Bloating. Acid Reflux/Heartburn, SIBO:The gut is my biggest area of expertise.  I’ve worked with many clients helping them heal their digestive system. Healing the gut is the key to many diseases and disorders, including eczema, autoimmune, asthma, diabetes II, adrenal fatigue and much more.
  • Preparation for Conception and Prenatal Care: As part of your team, I help you ready your body for conception. And I can offer  often overlooked and simple solutions to infertility, including assessment of iron stores, thyroid function and condition of the gut. All of which affects conception. The childbearing year is a special time for a woman and her partner, accompanied by great physical and emotional transitions.  Support and reassurance are essential during this time. I help you optimize your health prior and during pregnancy.
  • Weight Loss: Excess weight saps energy and sense of well-being and increases overall inflammation.  Weight loss can be resistant due to stress, an under active thyroid, toxic load, and food sensitivities.  I have the tools to help remove any resistance that your body and mind might have to losing weight. I try to make it simple and include weekly coaching to support you on your journey.
  • Autistic Spectrum and/or ADHD: For most who have been diagnosed with either of these conditions, there is a whole body, systemic imbalance that needs to be addressed.  We look at exposure to allergens, toxins, eating living, whole foods, healing the digestive system, and improving detoxification systems.
  • Adrenals/Thyroid/Hormones:These are intrinsically connected to each other and to your brain function, overall health, moods, energy and weight.
  • Diabetes:Type II Diabetes is a chronic disease that can be debilitating and in most cases be controlled through diet, lifestyle changes, reducing inflammation and supplementation. Let us help your body to go back to being able to use what it can naturally make on its own.
  • High Cholesterol:Prescription cholesterol drugs/statins have often been shown to actually compromise the health of your heart and have many side affects.  There are very simple and natural ways to lower your cholesterol. If you are interested in lowering your cholesterol and triglycerides without medication or if you’d like to wean yourself off of the one you’re already taking please contact me.
  • Candidiasis:The overgrowth of yeast in the digestive track can often be silent yet is playing havoc through out the entire body.  Chronic skin conditions like eczema and well as sugar cravings can stem from a systemic overgrowth of yeast. Learn what it is, how to treat it and feel like yourself again.
  • Detox and elimination: Most people think of colon cleansing when they think of detoxing. The colon is only one organ of detoxification.  The liver is the powerhouse for removing toxins and the skin is the biggest detoxification organ. Lowering your toxic load has a huge impact on inflammation and chronic disease. I test my clients for heavy metals, environmental toxins, and the innate ability to remove toxins and then give you a plan to lower your exposure and facilitate removal.

All plans offered involve patient participation.  I strive to bring a life changing experience to my clients, not a quick fix.  It’s my goal to help you heal your body from the inside out to prevent and reverse chronic disease.  I want to see you happy and vibrant.




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