Most women come to me seeking answers for their hijacked bodies and brains. They’re often suffering from pain, fatigue, unexplained weight gain, depression, anxiety, thyroid imbalances, auto-immune disease, sleeplessness, a faulty digestive tract, and hormone imbalances.

I spend a lot of time listening and getting to know my clients very well.  Chronic disease is often multi-faceted and a detective approach is needed to find the root cause. Together we peel back the layers to find the cause of discomfort and disease, to re-discover the fabulous beautiful you again!

We all have a doctor within us. I like to show women how to tap into that doctor.

I always use food as medicine as a first line therapy, then address the health of the gut, look at lifestyle, examine hormone levels closely, genetics and heavy metal toxicity, and medications.

I incorporate functional medicine testing as well as herbs and supplements to help my clients heal from the root cause.

Let’s start walking towards your path of wellness, beauty, and strength.