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Most of my clients initially need help repairing one or more body systems and/or help losing weight.

Because we focus on the root cause, the repair and healing process often requires a concentrated amount of time and support in the first 3-4 months and to a lesser degree for an additional 6-8 months.

This level of care and time is very important and necessary for real change and healing and I wanted to make it available to all who needed it.

To do that, I’ve included the Annual Membership plan as an option. This plan has monthly installments of just $39 over a 12 month period.  It’s designed to give you the support and coaching that’s needed to repair and heal body systems and to lose weight.

The Annual Membership not only gives you a price break, it allows you to spread out the cost of care.  You also receive an additional discounts on supplements and shakes.

If you are a new client, there is a required initial consultation to be eligible for the membership. The fee for this has been significantly discounted from $235 to $135.

For My Wonderful Existing Clients: The Annual Membership Plan also benefits you.  New things crop up. Our bodies are changing all the time and sometimes they start singing a bit out of tune, even though we think we’re doing everything right.

This plan is here for you to tap into throughout the year, to help you stay on a path that you know works but find challenging at times. We all need support and coaching. We’re not designed to do it alone.

Details for the Annual Membership are below.

Enrolling in an annual membership program gives you and your family support at all times. Monthly check-ins and coaching will help you get to where you want be.

Membership Includes:

  • Individual membership: Four-50 minute and three-30 minute consultations per year. (a savings of $100 off regular pricing)
  • Family membership: Eight-50 minute consultations and six-30 minute consultations per year.  (a savings of $200 off regular pricing)
  • Access to our monthly group Q & A Wellness call (Beyond What The Doctor Ordered)
  • Prompt Email Correspondence 
  • Monthly group Q & A wellness call (Not What The Doctor Ordered)
  • 10% off all Xymogen supplements and shakes 
  • 10% off high quality supplements from my convenient online dispensary. 
  • Free access to all webinars and lectures         
  • Access to Functional testing-(often covered by insurance with a co-pay)
  • Recipes and Menus
  • Body composition Analysis (Available in person only)

Our bodies are constantly changing. An annual membership gives you ready access to the help you need.

Individual membership is $39/month with a one-time enrollment fee of $50. (enrollment waived until February 1, 2018)

Family membership is $75/month with a one-time enrollment fee of $75 per family.  (enrollment fee waived until February 1, 2018)

(enrollment fees are waived until February 1st, 2018!)

Please Note: An initial consultation is required in order to be eligible to enroll in the annual membership. The initial consultation fee of $235 is discounted to $135 ($100 savings) if enrolling in a Membership Plan.

The initial consultation is reduced for children ages 12 and under, to $100 if participating in a Membership Plan.

Enrollment in this program does not replace doctor’s visits nor seeking your doctor’s advice.

All Credit cards are accepted.  Although I do not take insurance for my services, testing and supplements are often covered by your Health Savings Account HSA and Flexible Spending Account FSA.

Individual Membership

$39.00 / month and a $50.00 enrollment feeBuy Now

Family Membership

$75.00 / month and a $75.00 enrollment feeBuy Now

When I needed help with some IBS symptoms I was experiencing, I sought out Cindy at A Living Balance for her focus on functional medicine in diagnosing and treating issues.  She was very responsive and took the time to build a profile of my issue.  Tests arrived in the mail quickly that I could do in my home, and with Cindy's knowledge, the lab results pointed towards a treatment path that I'm glad to say has helped me tremendously with my IBS issues.  I can be social again without worry!
I can't recommend A Living Balance enough.  Cindy has a broad background and experience working with a range of chronic issues. Ivan O - 2012

I worked with Cindy for a year to correct my gut health and for the first time in my life, I have a healthy gut. Two doctors commented on 'how did she do that' meaning get rid of some pretty nasty things in there without prescription medication.
Cindy is VERY talented at what she does, and she is passionate. She researches and prepares. I always feel she is ready to help me. Carly A - 2015

I met Cindy a few months ago for help with balancing my hormones. Her initial consultation was very thorough with the goal of understanding the whole person, not just the symptoms. She takes the time to check in and see how I'm doing and what changes we need to make for me to feel the best I can. She leaves no stone unturned. Cindy is very compassionate and knowledgeable and I highly recommend her for getting your body to feel it's best. If you suffer from FLC (feel like crap), call Cindy and you can expect PLC (professional loving care). Laura G - 2016